Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello :3

My name is Theresa Marcia, and I'm a 21 year old girl (almost 22!). I'm originally from NY, but I still have a busy life style here in California. I'm currently a professional Sketch Artist, and love drawing people, preferably eyes. I love PC Games and PS2 games mostly, I spend whatever little time I have playing PC games like Aion and now Torchlight.

I have a passion for singing and always will, my shyness gets in the way totally of my singing and stops me from singing in front of other people. My dream is to get over my shyness and sing Celine Dion songs and tons of other songs I can sing very well in front of crowds of people.

I also love making little Pokemon figures out of Polymer clay. I will be showing my collection soon enough on my Live journal pages! so keep updated!

I'm currently studying to become a Pharmacist, and work as a Pharmacist Tech in the mean time, I can't wait!

I hope to meet a lot of interesting people on here and also make some friends on this site! Thanks for visiting my page!

-Theresa Marcia <3